Thursday, May 28, 2015

I got punished

So I did something really stupid. I was feeling a bit rebellious and didn't consider clydes feelings about it. I just did what I wanted to do and that may have came off a little disrespectful toward him. OK it definitely was disrespectful and now I'm a little embarrassed that I did it. This took place a couple of weeks ago but he just found out about it yesterday.

When I came home, he sat me down and talked to me about it very calmly and let me know how I made him feel but I could tell anger was bubbling inside him. I apologized but I admit I wasn't very sincere about it and kind of brushed it off. Well he ended the conversation with a very firm statement that I will be punished for it. Huh? Excuse me? We don't do that.

Well apparently we do. After the kids had all gone upstairs to bed, he came in the room and locked the door behind him. He picked up the belt and motioned for me to get into position. I really didn't know what to expect and he didn't take it easy on me. Of course I could have said no but I think I needed it. He didn't just spank me though. In between blows, he spoke to me. He told me how I made him feel and not to forget who I belong to. He asked me if I still cared about our relationship and if I wanted to make it work. And everytime he spanked me I tried to come up and he would firmly place his hand on my back and push me back into position.

When he was done, we hugged it out while he stroked my bottom and declared his love to me in a soft voice by my ear.

I melted and I felt terrible for what I had done. He said he forgave me and that now we can move on from this. When he said those words to me in that setting it was so much more effective.

This was the first bit of dominance he has shown me in months. Well that's not true,  it's just the first bit that I have submitted to. And truth be told, I needed it and I deserved it. I think he did too. Maybe we have turned a corner, I don't know, too soon to tell but I do know I learned my lesson and won't be doing that again.

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