Friday, August 29, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes

Today I picked my youngest daughter up from school as soon as she got in the car she says..

Mom guess what!


I'm getting arm pit hair!

(She lifts her arm to show me and I see a few tiny black dots emerging from the hair follicles. She's beyond excited.)

I see. That means your growing up.

Yeah, guess what else?


I'm getting hair down there too. Wanna see?

No, sweetie. I'll take your word for it.

(She's quiet for a moment while I start driving. Clearly, she's thinking.)



Do I have to shave it? Like you do?

(I'm trying my best to keep a straight face)

Well, I guess that's up to you but you need to wait several years before you're ready for that. Ok?


I love having daughters. Now my question is how/ why did she discover that at school!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hotel sex

We were due for some alone time. One last weekend getaway before the routine of school forces us into days of endless activities.

Soon after the kids were picked up, Clyde and I hopped on his motorcycle and began our journey. We rode south for 250 miles to the river for some fun. After a long and exhilarating ride, we finally made it to our hotel. We settled in for a moment and decided we could really use a drink.

It was late and we arrived at the hotel bar 30 minutes to last call, on a mission. After 4 shots and 2 drinks each we were feeling pretty good. Speed drinking as we called it. The music was bumping and we found ourselves on the dance floor with a hand full of other people having a great time when the lights came on. All too soon the bar was closing but the party wasn't over.

We walked back to our room just across from the pool and threw on our swim suits, climbed the now locked fence and jumped right in. A lot of others were apparently not wanting the party to end and followed suit. There were quite a few people and the alcohol was flowing. We had a lot of fun but were both feeling pretty horny by this point and went back to our room.

Once inside with the door locked, we stripped out of our wet suits and Clyde threw me on the bed.

"Don't move."

Stupidly, I had not packed any implements for our trip but that didn't stop him. He found the belt he was wearing earlier and returned to me. He gave me a good thrashing. Slightly numbed by the alcohol, I was ready for so much more but with my ass a glowing red, Clyde dropped the belt. He climbed on the bed with me and gave me a thorough fucking in various positions.

When we were finished, we took a nice hot shower where he pushed me against the wall and took me once more from behind.

It was only when we left the bathroom that I realized we had not closed the curtains.

Everyone still left at the pool got quite a show.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I am tied spread eagle on the bed as he rumages through the toy box.  I see him select the blindfold and place it over my eyes. I am blind and cannot move, so I listen. I listen to my own erratic breathing and the sounds of him moving about the room.

He begins striking my tits. Its the crop, I think. Right, left,right, left. Then he flicks the tip over my nipples as I cry out. Uhhhh. He likes the sounds I make so he continues. I squirm. He fingers. I try to anticipate what will come next but he's unpredictable.

The blows keep coming. The flogger strikes my stomach, my tits, my legs. He fingers again. I squirm and moan.

He stops. I hear movement, then strong vibrations. He places the Hitachi against my clit and my biggest dildo inside me. I am fucked with the dildo hard as my hips rock with the rhythm. He forces two orgasms from me.

I am so sensitive, I beg him to give me a break. He shows mercy on me and removes both the dildo and the wand. He begins to flog again. My skin sings and tingles.

Its oh so heavenly.

I feel the bed dip as he climbs on top of me. His breath is hard and heavy in my ear. He fucks me hard for his pleasure. When he is done, I am exhausted but he's not finished with me yet.

I am untied and told to turn over. He ties my hand and feet again and spanks me with every tool we have in our arsenal. I'm at the edge of subspace, ready to fall into oblivion when he pulls me back.

We're going to play a game. I call out a number and he spanks me with the implement assigned. Tonight he wants to leave his mark. I want that too.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The challenge

Clyde and I have always had a lot of sex. Early on in our marriage we did it multiple times a day. There has been a long standing record of 5 times in one day. Over the years this has become less frequent. I recently issued Clyde the challenge of beating our old record.

Let's just say he rose to the occasion and we had a lot of fun! It went a little something like this....

#1- I slip into bed at about 4 am after having some drinks with a girlfriend. I scoot up next to a sleeping Clyde and begin to snuggle and rub. In no time at all he is hard as a rock and ready for me. He climbed on top of me and started fucking me missionary before he turned me over and took me from behind. It was a great way to end an awesome day. And we had an audience of one watching us have sex but that's another post. So hot!

#2- The next morning, we were ready to go again. He bent me over the side of the bed and took me from behind again while I held my Hitachi. It was just a quickie but oh so good!

#3- Our flirtatious wrestling match gets a little to real as I am hooded and held down for a rough and visious fuck. He was a very naughty boy whispering filthy things in my ear when I can't see or move. It was heavenly!

#4- After all the sexing, I was in need of a shower. As the hot water washes over my body and I relax, the door opens. Clyde takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed where he has a towel laid out. I am dripping wet and feel him spread some lube on my backside. He enters me anally, very slowly. He alternates between smacking my ass and thrusting forcefully into me. It was glorious!

#5- The day is coming to a close and there's one thing missing. Clyde decided i need a good spanking. His belt is removed while I assume the position. I'm not sure how many times he strikes me but it is just pure perfection. He gave me a nice warmup and I visited the edges of subspace. I was so wet and turned on that he just had to get a taste for himself.

#6- We lie in bed at the end of the day. I am deliciously sore and slightly bruised but completely sated. Since we were looking to break our previous record, we had time for one more romp. At this point I am swollen and sensitive so I opt to give him one hell of a blowjob to say my thanks. Somehow he had a nice big load waiting to be swallowed.

It was the best day!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bonnie Gets Spanked Turns 1

I'm proud to say that one year ago (and one month, because I'm a procrastinator) I wrote my first post!
What a year it has been.
Clyde and I have grown and changed and done things that I would have never imagined just a few years ago.
This journey has brought a new life to our relationship and brought us closer than ever before.

I have met and gotten to know some of the most wonderfully interesting and unique people here with what seems to be one common goal, to better ourselves and our relationships.
I have also had the privilege of making some great friends. (You know who you are) I am forever changed because of this blogging community.

I cant say thank you enough to those of you that have read, commented, lurked, emailed and helped to make this blog a success!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My year in numbers:
90 posts (published)
80,000 pageviews

Cheers my friends! Here's to many more! 

ps. Stick around. I've got some great stories coming your way!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Orgasmic meditation

Anyone ever heard of this?

I always love to see or learn about something new. This is something I stumbled across while on YouTube.

Orgasmic meditation.

What is Orgasmic Meditation?

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice in which one partner gently strokes the other partner’s clitoris for 15 minutes.
OM consists of a defined sequences of steps, and is a goalless practice – the only job for both partners is to feel.
It’s deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It’s a meditation, equally powerful for both partners – only the object of focus is the clitoris.
Practitioners experience benefits similar to other mindfulness practices such as sitting meditation, as well as the well-known health benefits associated with orgasm.
It’s profound, yet simple and you can have it whether you are single or coupled.

It certainly looks interesting and I want to try! I just had to share!

There's a 10 minute video about OMing that you can watch here.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Clyde has been away for the weekend and won't be home until late tonight. So as I sit here watching This is 40 and eagerly anticipating clydes return,  I thought I would share a little exchange between us on his long drive home.

Our conversation went like this......

I need to be fucked

When I get home, I'm going to beat you and fuck you so hard.

I look forward to it Sir

*Clyde sends pic of his hard on*

Oh my...... I want to put that in my mouth

Is your mouth watering?

MMMMM yes, so is my kitty

Go put your plug in

Yes Sir

Send me  a picture of the plug and kitty

*Plug inserted and picture sent*

She better be shaved smooth when I get home

Yes Sir. Will you buy me a pretty plug with a jewel or tail for when I have to send you pictures please?

Yes Kitty, I will

*an hour later*

You may take it out now

Thank you Sir

You're welcome. Now I want to see your bald pussy peeking out of the red slut dress.

Grrrr..... Yes Sir (I hate that red dress)

*picture sent*

Now a full view

*picture sent*

I cant wait to get home!

Only one more hour to go.

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