Monday, October 6, 2014

Reasons why I love him

Clyde truly is a wonderful man and there are easily a million reasons why I love him. So I'm going to take the time to write some of them down for him to read and also for myself for those times he's driving me crazy and I need a reminder.

He loves me. No, he really loves me, with every fiber of his being. He tells me AND he shows me. Clyde is never one to shy away from affection. We are that couple that you might see at the grocery store, on the bread aisle, in a tight embrace with his hand squeezing my ass. Clyde will never leave me without a goodbye kiss, no matter who is around. He's not afraid to show the world that I am his woman and he leaves no doubt in my mind how he feels about me.

He's very spontaneous. I never know what to expect from him. I like to have a plan and stick to the plan. I'm very structured and sometimes that can be a bit boring. I love that he balances me out. Clyde can say "Let's go camping" and within an hour, we are at the lake picking a campsite. He keeps our life together exciting.

He can be such a little boy. There's a side to him that never quite grew up. He likes to make sound effects when stopping or making a turn.  He still plays with his big boy toys. He likes to go 4-wheeling, ride his motorcycle and shoot guns. Recently he hung himself from a harness attached to a remote operated crane and swung himself around. I consider his boyish side just part of his charm.

He is a great provider. He works hard for our family and he has allowed me spend several years at home to take care of our daughters. Our little family has benefited greatly from it and I will always be grateful to him for this time to focus solely on our home life.

He is so much fun to be with. He has taken me horseback riding, in hot air balloons, ocean kayaking and countless other adventures from driving across the desert to Las Vegas to visiting another country for a late honeymoon. Other times he builds a fire in the backyard and we sit around drinking and talking and sometimes while listening to music we will slow dance in the moonlight. No matter what we do, he makes it fun and memorable.

He just wants to be around me. He spends all his free time with me. Theres never a time that he just wants to be alone or spend time with the boys without me. He includes me in everything he does. He even likes to go shopping with me to help pick out clothes. There's nothing he won't do just to spend time with me and we do it all together.

And last but not least....

He is a great father to our girls. He has achieved a great balance of being the strict disciplinarian and the loving daddy that they need. He helps them with homework, he spends time with them, he listens to them and he gives them guidance with out ever being too tough on them. And he sets the perfect example of how a man should treat a woman. Just the other day my oldest daughter told me someday she hopes to find a man just like her daddy. I hope she does too.

I love you Clyde, more than you I could ever know.

What does your man/woman do that makes you love them so much?

Friday, October 3, 2014

A public flogging

(Pulled from my draft folder because I have a ton in there and never got around to finishing or publishing)

It was a beautiful day spent riding through the countryside on his motorcycle. On our way home we came across a biker bar that we had seen several times but never went in. Clyde pulled in to the parking lot and I was immediately intimidated. There were about 30-40 bikes lined up and several bikers loitering out front. I'm talking men and women with tattoos, bandanas and leather vests. You know, bad ass looking mother fuckers. I wasn't sure what we were about to walk into.

I looked at Clyde pleading with my eyes, "don't make me go in"

"One drink' he says and puts his arm around me as we walk in.

It was clear right away that the alcohol was flowing and people were feeling pretty good. Pretty quickly, people began talking to us and introducing them selves. We found a small table, sat down and ordered a drink. We played some pool, got hit on by a couple of drunk women and were having a really good time.

I was beginning to feel pretty tipsy when the band started. The lead singer was a very attractive woman and she was walking around with a flogger hanging from her back pocket.

Well unbeknownst to me, Clyde had told her it was my birthday. So halfway through their set, she called me up on stage where she pulled out her flogger and got me into position. She flogged me. Up on stage. While the whole crowd cheered her on. It was pretty exciting and I was a horny mess. When she finished, she gave me a quick kiss and sent me back to clyde.

The night continued with more drinking and dancing. We even got invited to go back to the drummers house after for some skinny dipping. I politely declined of course. By the time we left, we had made friends with nearly everyone there.

It was a really fun night!

Moral of this story:  most bikers may look scary but they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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