Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Embarrassing moments

Today I had some alone time and felt the need to service myself. (Yes I know, shocker) So when I was done I went into the bathroom to clean up. I cleaned my rabbit and laid it on the counter to wash my hands.  Well I must have gotten distracted. Soon after I left to pickup the kiddos from school, a light bulb went off. I realized I had left it on the counter in the bathroom. No big deal. I'll just put it away when I get home. But of course when I get home, my teenager goes straight into the bathroom before I can.

I swear I had a mini panic attack. I hear her yell "eew Moooom"!

I wait patiently.

The door opens and she says to me, "Did you forget something in here?"

I say nothing as I slip past her and pick it up and walk to my room. She gives me a very disapproving look of disgust.

Seconds later I hear her enter her room and tell her twin "Mom left one of her sex toys in the bathroom."

Luckily I didn't hear her sisters response. Ugh..... fml.  Kill me now.

I can't help but to think..... one day she'll understand.


  1. Oh my goodness, I would have died!


  2. Oh no!! Lol...i completely understand since we've had a couple of these awkward moments in our house as well.

  3. Too funny. Reminds me of when our son told me that he knows when we are having coitis because of the noises made behind our bedroom door. As you said, some day the kiddos will appreciate it.

  4. She'll get over it. Now she knows what to look for when she's ready.

  5. Oh my, this is embarrassing, I think the only thing worse would be if they made a kind of buzzing sound in an inappropriate moment.



  6. Oh good grief - I know! We try so hard to keep it all private - and the kids catch on anyway. One day it'll be all funny memories.

  7. Has it escaped everyone's attention that your teenage girl knows what a sex toy looks like!!! Lol

  8. My kids are still unaware of sex and my eldest goes yuk everytime somebody kisses on TV. So far we've been lucky and nothing has been 'discovered' out of place. I think I'll make up some excuse about massaging tool for when mummy has a headache. Once they've had their sexual education... I don't want to think about it!

  9. It's going to be one of the best memories they will have of their mom. Ewww is right ... from a kid when they think about their parents enjoying sex but the only thing worse to a kid is parents who don't enjoy sex.

    The same thing happened to me, with my (then) teenage daughter and not only did we all survive, we laugh about it to this day.



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