Monday, October 6, 2014

Reasons why I love him

Clyde truly is a wonderful man and there are easily a million reasons why I love him. So I'm going to take the time to write some of them down for him to read and also for myself for those times he's driving me crazy and I need a reminder.

He loves me. No, he really loves me, with every fiber of his being. He tells me AND he shows me. Clyde is never one to shy away from affection. We are that couple that you might see at the grocery store, on the bread aisle, in a tight embrace with his hand squeezing my ass. Clyde will never leave me without a goodbye kiss, no matter who is around. He's not afraid to show the world that I am his woman and he leaves no doubt in my mind how he feels about me.

He's very spontaneous. I never know what to expect from him. I like to have a plan and stick to the plan. I'm very structured and sometimes that can be a bit boring. I love that he balances me out. Clyde can say "Let's go camping" and within an hour, we are at the lake picking a campsite. He keeps our life together exciting.

He can be such a little boy. There's a side to him that never quite grew up. He likes to make sound effects when stopping or making a turn.  He still plays with his big boy toys. He likes to go 4-wheeling, ride his motorcycle and shoot guns. Recently he hung himself from a harness attached to a remote operated crane and swung himself around. I consider his boyish side just part of his charm.

He is a great provider. He works hard for our family and he has allowed me spend several years at home to take care of our daughters. Our little family has benefited greatly from it and I will always be grateful to him for this time to focus solely on our home life.

He is so much fun to be with. He has taken me horseback riding, in hot air balloons, ocean kayaking and countless other adventures from driving across the desert to Las Vegas to visiting another country for a late honeymoon. Other times he builds a fire in the backyard and we sit around drinking and talking and sometimes while listening to music we will slow dance in the moonlight. No matter what we do, he makes it fun and memorable.

He just wants to be around me. He spends all his free time with me. Theres never a time that he just wants to be alone or spend time with the boys without me. He includes me in everything he does. He even likes to go shopping with me to help pick out clothes. There's nothing he won't do just to spend time with me and we do it all together.

And last but not least....

He is a great father to our girls. He has achieved a great balance of being the strict disciplinarian and the loving daddy that they need. He helps them with homework, he spends time with them, he listens to them and he gives them guidance with out ever being too tough on them. And he sets the perfect example of how a man should treat a woman. Just the other day my oldest daughter told me someday she hopes to find a man just like her daddy. I hope she does too.

I love you Clyde, more than you I could ever know.

What does your man/woman do that makes you love them so much?


  1. Aww Bonnie, this is so lovely and sweet. This made me smile:) I'm so happy for you.


  2. A spontaneous man for those of us who tend to like all our ducks lined up can be a very special thing indeed. Sweet post Bonnie.

  3. Wow Bonnie, you have made me one happy man this morning...YES world!!! I LOVE this are my world. ....... Clyde

  4. You guys seem like an amazing couple!! I loved reading this.


  5. Love is a beautiful thing ❤️.. What a beautiful post !

  6. What a wonderful testament to love and to Clyde. My heart is happy reading this post - thank you for sharing.

  7. The reasons why I love you Bonnie!!!

    You are by far the most beautiful woman I have ever meet, both inside and out. I love everything about you, the way you smell, the touch of your hair, how you braid your hair before we ride. The sparkle in your eyes when you look at me, your beautiful smile.

    The way you love me unconditionally through my worst times and my best. Bonnie you make me who I am everyday. You make me want to be a better man. You give me the drive to get up every morning,

    You are the most amazing lover in the world, your passion and desire for me drives me crazy, in a good way. The is not a woman in this world that can come close to you.

    You give me everything a man could want, and I know I take that for granted and I am soo sorry. I can only pray that I have the pleasure of you love for the rest of my life. You are my world and my everything.

    I live that you love me for who I am, good and bad. I know I dont tell you the words you need to hear enough but I truly love you with all my being, heart body and soul...Bonnie you are the most amazing mother and wife. Any man would kill to have you and I will too, I will fight for you until my last breath. I will never give up on us, no matter what life throws at us. I may not deserve someone as special as you but I promise I will try every day to show you that you are my queen and my one and only! I love you more than there are stars in the universe.

  8. I'm not done yet, I love how you tickle my back every night, and I love How you took an interest in cooking even though I know you hate it, just to make me happy, I love when you reach around me while we are riding and kiss my neck, I love that you do not require all the fancy things most women need. You are happy with what I can provide, I love that after 21 years you are still attracted to me as when we were teenagers, I love the way you snort when you laugh, I love the relationship you have with our daughters and how well we have raised them, I love your little button nose, I love that you will wear dresses for me even though you do not like to, I love how hard you work to make our hose a home, no matter how many time I make you move and relocate, I love that you will follow me anywhere, I love how much you love me, I love you little white tusshie and even more when it is red with hand prints,

  9. I lovr when i hold my hand while we are driving, I love how you handle my crazy family, I love how you run to the door and yell "daddy's home" when I get off work, I love how you support all my cray ideas, I love how the sound of your singing can even make our dog sing with you, I love being scared to death of loosing you, I love how much our daughters look like you,

    1. I love how cute you look in riding gear, I love how much you love being with me even when we are not doing anything, I love how you love kissing my nipples, I love how you hate your belly button being touched and I live watching you squirm when I do touch it, I love how you sit next to me everyday on lunch and ask day is going, I love that you make.sure I have work cloths set out and clean everyday, I love that you will do anything for me,

    2. I love when you walk me to the door when I have to leave

      I love when you sing in the car, especially when you had your wisdom teeth removed,

      I love the way your black shorts look on you that you wear to bed,

      I love when you submit to me

      I love making out with you in the middle of a country road

      I love making love to you in the corn fields,

      I love dancing with you

      I love dreaming about our future together.

  10. So, Clyde would you happen to have brother who's available? :-)

    You are a lucky woman, Bonnie and in turn, you are a lucky man, Clyde.

  11. Yes, I am a very luck man who did not appreciate what he's amazing wife gave to him. No matter how good a man he is, he will make mistakes as I have. I recently hurt my Bonnie deeply through a terrible mistake so I really do not deserve any praise on this post. I'm sorry Bonnie, I love you.

    1. I love waking up next to you everyday
      I love HHow you enjoy staying home with the kids
      I love how you are not a materialistic person
      I love how beautiful you are
      I love how kinky you are

  12. Aww, the love that shines through both this post, and Clydes comments are amazing.

    Clyde, mistakes happen. I'm sure she knows how much you love her.

    Hope things are going well for you both!

  13. Love this Bonnie. This is how Mistress K. and I live our life too and it is just wonderful. I love stories about love! Congratulations.

  14. Aww, that was so sweet. And I know how you feel, so we are very lucky ladies, aren't we?

  15. Such a sweet tribune to your man, Bonnie. It's wonderful that you have such a great relationship. And happy LOL day.



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