Thursday, September 11, 2014

How often do you have sex?

I was speaking with a friend recently and as it often happens with women, our conversation turned to sex. She was surprised to learn that Clyde and I have such an active sex life after all these years.  She admited that hers is considerably less but it got me thinking.... How often do most married couples have sex?

From everything I've read on the subject, of course, it varies greatly depending on age, kids, health, number of years married... etc. Some couples have very active sex lives while others feel lucky to get it even a couple times a year. This blew my mind. A couple times a year??

I've never fully appreciated the frequency of our sex until this very moment. Maybe I took it for granted. I'll be the first to admit that Clyde and I have always had a very active sex life. Even from day one there has been a strong sexual chemistry between us. Through kids and hard, stressful times we've always had sex at least 4 times a week, on a good week.... Daily.

Of course there are times when we become too tired or preoccupied to get down and dirty but sexual intimicy has always been a priority in our relationship.

As best i can figure out from researching online, most married couples have sex, on average, a few times a month. So me being curious, I thought I would pose this question to my spanky friends here in blogland.

So I ask, how often do you have sex?

No judgment here, just blatant curiosity. Please feel free to share as much or as little on this subject as you would like.

As it stands now, Clyde and I have had no sex, of any kind, for 5 days and I'm going crazy!  My kitty has a mind of her own and she's been left unattended for too long.


  1. Well this is kind if a complicated question for me...depends on what you are counting as sex. Heron gets some sort of oral treatment just about every day. And there are plenty of assignments that have me taking care of myself. But as far as sex together, maybe once a week if that. Unless we are alone like on our weekend trip and then we try to make up for all the times we couldn't.:) We certainly would prefer more!!

  2. By the way, I think its awesome that you guys enjoy each other as much as you do!!

  3. Great question ! I find it strange how couples have little or no sex after years if being together. We've been married a long time and I feel like our honeymoon isn't anywhere near over. Sex 5+ times a week and still going strong. I can't keep my hands off D at times I guess I just assume eveyone is like that so when I find they aren't it's shocking lol.

  4. Bonnie, have you been watching the series on TV called "Masters of Sex", based on Masters and Johnson's study of American Sexual Habits. In my opinion excellent, both in subject matter, and acting. It had received many Emmy nominations this year 2014

  5. I have sex everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I'm 54 and soon will be married for 15 years. I don't have orgasms everyday, but I have some sort of sex everyday either through teasing, edging, etc. I have an orgasm on average of once every 45 days. Oh, and I've never been more in love with my wife.

  6. Sub hub in phx did you say 54? Based off of your blog I so would of thought you were younger ... And an orgasm every 45 days. I think I'd die. Going two days without is rough for me :)

    1. I'm with you! 54!? Never would have guessed it my friend!!

  7. Sir and I marvel all the time how Lucky we are to be so in sync. Now that doesn't mean always and doesn't mean that life doesn't step in sometimes. But typically we're an every day or maybe two. If we're lucky and we have some good alone time - it can be several times in a day. Depends.


  8. I would say two to three times a month. :(

  9. We don't have sex as often as we'd like to. My husband works 10 to 12 hours a day. And we are busy with our family on week ends. I receive a spanking every morning and sometimes (if he's not frustrated with me) he rubs and fingers me until I cum. Also I rub him at night while he reads to me. We love having sex but life gets in the way. You're fintunate to have sex as often as you do. Thanks for the question.

  10. My husband and I have sex anywhere from one to three times a day. It would probably be more often some days but we have two young children so that puts a lot of time constraints on when we can be alone. We did not always have it so often but once I got a few years into my thirties which was a year or so ago my libido went up and now my sex drive better matches his, which is high. We have been together for almost eighteen years and he is still as sexually charged as he was in his twenties if not more so, which makes me glad my drive picked up so we can be more in sync now.

  11. I am with little girl, what do they count as sex? I would say oral averages out to daily (we may miss a day or so but then when we have our days off together it is several times). Very often he makes me cum several times and we finish with my giving oral to him, never having actual penis in vagina sex for several days.

    My thoughts are that all sex being "sex" we usually don't go longer than a few days without. When we do, we feel the loss of connection. We cherish our time to connect and make it a priority every chance we have. Our norm is to connect sexually daily with a few misses here and there. We have been together for more than 20 years and although we have always placed a great importance on our times to connect, our new lifestyle change has greatly improved our intent on staying connected.

    Great question bonnie!
    XOXO Pearl

  12. About every three days we have sex. But I take care of my business in between.

  13. We average about twice a week. We have had runs where we have sex twice a day, everyday and we have had runs where we only have sex once every couple of weeks. In our perfect world we would both be happy with sex four times per week.

  14. Thank you everyone for participating! I loved reading your answers! Very interesting.


  15. On the average: when I'm at home (I travel a lot, unfortunately), every day. Often in the evening, because it helps for sleeping well; my wife likes it that way. Sometimes in the morning (I wake up with a boner and...).

    We like oral but it's an appetizer for us. Most times it's vaginal, most often missionary-style or woman on top (a kind of reverse missionary).

    Sometimes we do it other ways (e.g. anal) but that's not the daily stuff.

    My wife does not want me to masturbate (unless away) since it impairs my ability to "perform" well. ;-)

  16. I envy those who have frequent sex. I am one of those who doesn't - and not because I don't want to or can't. She is perfectly happy having sex once every three months or so (I track it so I don't forget we did it). As long as i leave her to her lack of libido and don't have any other sexual outlet, she's very content. There is no concern as to whether I am or not, It's assumed.

    This is NO way to live.


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