Friday, March 14, 2014

It started off great....

Pick your implement
Go to the room
Wait for me on your knees
Do not speak.

These are text messages I received from Clyde (in the other room) tonight. This is what I had been waiting for. I hurriedly put the kids to bed and went in search of my weapon of ass destruction. I chose the flogger and the ping pong paddle.

I went into the room, closed the curtains, dimmed the lights, stripped, got in position and waited.

It wasn't long before he entered the room. I bowed my head and held the implements out for him. He circled me, dragging the flogger across my skin.

He flogged and paddled until my skin had a lovely sting and a nice rosy glow.

He was in complete control. It was amazing and exactly what I needed.

From there things get a little hazy.

When he was done, he took my hand and helped me up. I immediately got a very bad headache (almost migraine status) and had to lie back down. I got very cold and began shaking uncontrollably. I felt very thirsty and very weak.

Clyde was great. He took very good care of me, getting some water and pain reliever and holding me until I felt better. It took about an hour or so for my body to return to normal.

I just don't understand it. I felt fine before hand and feel fine now, but what was that?

I'm wondering, could it be subdrop? From everything I have read, subdrop seems to be more emotional and this was purely a physical reaction.

We have had much more intense play with no side effects in the past so I'm hoping that y'all can share some insight with me.

Anyone have an explanation?


  1. low blood sugar? low blood pressure? i really don't know if it's a health issue altho with MY history it's very likely to be one of the two if the same thing happened to me.

    on a more kinky note - that sounded fantastic - the text messages and anticipation. BIKSS has noted that he hasn't had me in presentation pose and waiting for him in a while. there are no spanks on my planet either cos i have a tenant in the adjacent room!

    soon. that will change. soon.

  2. Low blood sugar coupled with bursts of energy give me migraines. P sometimes gets them afte sex too, especially the energetic variety. If you were dashing around putting the kids to bed then an intense session, you might have had sugar and sub drop combined. Snack before hand, a few sips of orange during?
    Hugs DF

  3. Bonnie, I'm sorry I don't have any advice on this one for you other than what Fondles and DF have said.

    Sounds wonderful thought and I love the text messages and anticipation! Glad Clyde took such good care of you.


  4. I always get dizzy when I stand up. I have low blood pressure though. However I do think it was sub drop. I usually feel it emotionally but sometimes it is physical. I have had that cold shaky feeling after an intense session before. I have heard a lot of other subs saying they get that way too. It should be ok if you just plan for it. A lot of D/s couples have an aftercare kit consisting of a warm blanket, pain killers, a drink and snack. And of course, Clyde did the most important part, loving cuddles.

  5. Your symptoms are textbook dehydration. I've had the exact same thing happen to me after a spanking--the splitting headache, the chills, the thirst. We don't realize that spanking is a very athletic activity for the sub as well, because our breathing becomes heavy and our heart rate increases, even though we're seemingly not *doing* anything. I always drink water before a spanking now, and I keep a bottle of water on my nightstand for this very thing!

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