Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No granny panties

Clyde has decided he doesn't like "granny panties". Now for the record, I don't wear granny panties.

The offending panties are really just string bikinis. I like them and they are my preferred type. They're comfortable, cotton and come in various pretty prints.

Maybe to some, those could be considered granny-ish. Not to me.

Lately, anytime I wear them, he takes a pair of scissors and cuts them right off my body. Which would be fine if he would swap them with suitable replacements. But he's not.

I'm running out of panties.

Luckily he hasn't cut up my lace string bikinis from VS. Apparently THOSE are acceptable.

I think its time to go shopping!

What are your favorite type to wear?

Just for fun, while searching for pics of string bikinis I found this.  Made me smile, enjoy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I broke a rule yesterday. I confessed and truthfully, he wouldn't have known if I hadn't.

He was not pleased.

After dinner with the kids and everyone had gone to bed, he asked if I was ready for my punishment.

I'm thinking he's going to spank me and you all know how much I love that. And so does he.

I asked what my punishment was.

He got a wicked gleam in his eye and told me to "strip."

When all my clothes are removed and I'm standing naked before him, I'm told to go stand in the corner.

I walk over and stand facing him hoping this will pacify him and I won't have to face the wall.

He gives me that look and twirls his finger. A silent sign for me to turn.

I turn and face the corner feeling like a scolded child. I'm so embarrassed standing here naked in a corner.

He's lying on the bed behind me and every so often I hear the channel on the TV change.

I look over my shoulder at him and I get another finger twirl.

Grrr...... its so frustrating but the longer I stand there, the more guilty I feel for deliberatly breaking that rule.

The timer finally goes off and I turn to him. He has a smile on his face and his arms open wide. "Now come here and give me some love."

I go to him and snuggle up and enjoy having his arms wrapped around me. He kisses the top of my head and brushes the hair from my face.

It feels so good to be in his arms. We kiss and cuddle and our hands start to roam.

Things become heated and passionate. He slips out from under me and pins me down from behind. He kisses his way down from my neck to my ass and back again.

He reaches over to grab some lube. It becomes clear what he has in mind as I feel some drops of coldness hit my crack and its massaged.

It feels so good as he slowly eases himself inside me. With him holding my arms above my head and his body pinning me down, I'm immobile. All I can do is grind my hips against his. He's in complete control.

We come together and as we lie there catching our breaths he tells me I'm "forgiven."

Monday, January 20, 2014

My new project

We have a very under used room in our house. Its a small room (12x12) that we mostly use for storage. This room is connected to the garage and away from any bedrooms. There's no windows and its completely secluded.

Can you guess where I'm going with this?

My Master has requested that I turn this room into our playroom and He has given me a decent budget to get started with.

I'm so excited about this. I'm picturing dark red walls with dim lighting, a nice soft rug in the center. A bed of course. A chair that would be perfect for use with bondage, racks on the wall for implements, shelving for toys and other useful items, candles and a music player. I would love to put a spanking bench or St. Andrews cross in there but I really need to see how much room there will be.

His only request was a sex swing hanging from the ceiling.

This room will be padlocked to keep prying eyes out and totally private.

We have never had a playroom before so I'm sure there are things I haven't even thought about. Any suggestions for me to consider?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just under the surface

As I sit here and stare at a blank page, I realize, I have nothing to write about.

Not much going on here lately on the ttwd front. Or maybe there is just under the surface......

I had my wisdom teeth pulled a couple days ago, another thing Clyde has requested I do, as my Master. It needed to be done and I was putting it off as long as I could. He gave me the courage to go through with it.

He has been great to me. He took time off work to be there for me. He has made meals and taken care of the kids while I was heavily medicated and resting in bed. He even spoon fed me when nesecarry. He has done everything in his power to make sure I am comfortable.

Through it all, I feel his dominance. Its in the way he cherishes and loves me and his quiet commands for me to take it easy. Its there just under the surface.

I'm ready for the kid gloves to come off. I am on day 5 and feeling much better. The kids will be at the grands tonight. So........

Fingers crossed for some action!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

All's well that ends well

As I follow Clyde through the store I'm sure they know. I can feel their eyes following me. I can't look at them, if I make eye contact, they will know for sure. My tits bounce with each step I take. I've never gone in public without a bra and panties and it feels wrong. Clyde finds the dressing room and hands me several things to try on. I step inside and begin to undress. As the clothes come off and I become ftraware of just how naked I am, I look around for cameras but see none. Very quickly I slip the first dress on and step out to show him.

He likes the red dress with the black heels. The one with the least material and the one I hated the most. We make our purchases and leave hastily. He's on a mission with no time to waste. 

As we drive on to the next store, he decides its time to play dress up. He tells me to put the red dress on. I scrunch my face up in disgust but I know it doesn't matter, it must be done. I'm so glad its dark and our windows are tinted because I strip down and follow through with his request. He sees how uncomfortable I am and allows me to wear my jeans.

We are greeted by a very nice salesgirl as we enter the fourth store. When she leaves us on our own, I know. I'm sure she's thinking "what a slut." The dress is backless and the front is so low cut I have to continually pull the material together to keep the girls in. I'm so nervous and uncomfortable I begin to chew on my nails as I walk behind him. My jovial mood of earlier takes a nose dive as he tells me of his plan. He wants to dress me up in the skimpiest, sluttiest outfit he can find and take me to somewhere for drinks. Not just anywhere but a strip club. The panic sets in.

Now, I have been to a strip club before and had a great time but this..... dressed like this, is way out of my comfort zone. My limits are being tested. I begin to argue with myself. I know I'm supposed to give up control but I don't think I can go through with this. While we browse through the racks, I become quiet and withdrawn. He takes my hand and powers on. Mission still incomplete. 

About the time we reach the 10th store I have reached my breaking point. My fingernails have been chewed off and I'm breaking out in a nervous sweat. I think I might throw up. 

We find one more complete outfit. This one I like. I'm covered and confident and my mood improves when we leave the store. I know its closing time. Its over.

But Master is not pleased. My attitude from earlier has ruined our shopping adventure. Some harsh word were said and I begin to cry. The look on his face said it all. He knew he had pushed to far. He held me as we talked it out.

When it was all said and done, we both had some hard learned lessons about our roles. He learned to consider my feelings more and I learned that giving up that control is not as easy as I thought. We knew this wouldnt be easy. This is new to both of us but we are committed to our new dynamic and to each other. We will find our way on this path and we will do it together.

In the end his plan was derailed. We decided instead that we needed to relax in a familiar environment. We visited our favorite local bar that is like a second home. I wore a new dress that we both liked and danced the night away with friends. I even made a new friend. 

Her name was Jennifer and she was beautiful. We hit it off immediately. She complimented me on my dress and she was a great kisser. I'll leave it at that. ;-)

The dress that I was told to wear that night... with no panties

Friday, January 10, 2014

Its just so good

It's late and as Clyde sleeps next to me, I'm wide awake because I've just had some of the best sex of my life! Seriously, my legs are still shaking as I come down from this high. It's all kind of fuzzy but I know there was a crop, some begging and face fucking involved. These are a few of my favorite things!

Omg What a difference I have seen in him since he introduced the contract. A lot has changed and I can only hope its here to stay.

So much has happened that I feel a little overwhelmed and need to get it out so I can begin to process.

Clyde has taken control in every way. He now has control of every orgasm, meaning no petting the kitty whenever I want. I am to ask permission to come. (which let's face it, its pretty fuckin hott) His goal with that is to train me to come on command. And tonight it happened for the first time ever. I'm being realistic in knowing it won't always happen that easy, but tonight? Tonight I came like a freight train because he told me to and I was rewarded with a"good girl" and a very big smile. It was a great feeling knowing he was so pleased with me.

There are some new rules that are going to take some getting used to. It was his desire for me to sleep in the nude every night just in case he wakes and feels the need to use what's his. (For all you mommies out there wondering.... I keep a robe next to my bed that can be thrown on at a moments notice should the kiddos need me.) Also, anytime the girls are not home, you guessed it, naked!

Aside from the sexual part, he has stepped up in a major way. He has taken my health into his hands and I am to visit the Dr. for a checkup. I haven't been in probably 10 years (my choice, if it ain't broke, don't fix it) and that was one of the first "orders" I was given. I have a tendency to put everything I have into him and my girls that I often neglect myself. He has decided this weekend he is giving me a makeover. I will have my hair done the way he likes and he will take me shopping to pick out some new clothes that he would like me to wear. The words "sex doll" were thrown around and I'm excited to see where that goes. (Wish me luck because I think I'm going to need it.)

He has had some very interesting tasks that he will text me with throughout the day to keep me in the right mindset and remind me of my role. With the contract in place, we both have a very clear list of our expectations of each other which has taken all the guesswork out. There is a lot more that we have discussed that just hasn't come to fruition yet so I'll leave that for another time.

It may not work for everyone and it may not even work for us. We have decided to give it a 3 month trial period and then reevaluate. But for now, I truly couldn't be happier with the direction things are going. Maybe being a slave to my Master won't be so bad!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big Changes are happening

I haven't been around blogland much lately. I guess you could say I lost my inspiration. Things had gotten pretty vanilla between clyde and I and thats not very fun to write or read about. I felt like things on the D/s front had reached a plateau. We weren't having any playtime or very much sex. We weren't trying anything new, we were at a stand still. D/s was only in the bedroom sometimes and I wanted more.

I decided to talk to him about it. I told him that I, as the sub, could not continue to lead him. He can't keep taking his cues from me. That's not the way this is supposed to work. If he is not interested in learning more that what I have told him about how to be a Dom than we might as well forget this thing we do. I don't want him to just do this for me. If this is not what he truly wanted in our relationship then its pointless. We are not always the best at communicating but I did get my point across and it left some tension between us.

We really didn't talk much more about it and just went on with our daily vanilla life. I wasn't sure where that little discussion was going to take us but I was sure something was about to change one way or another. Over the next couple days I saw him on the internet reading and typing a lot. I was curious and when I asked he just said that I would find out soon enough.

Well yesterday I found out what he was up to. He presented me with a contract. He wants to own me, mind, body and soul. He wants to be my Master. He wants me to be his slave.

I was completely taken by surprise. I mean, here I was thinking submission was over for us and he wants to take it further than I ever imagined he would. Whatever he read over the weekend must have made something click inside him. As we discussed the contract and him owning me, he had a raging hard on the whole time. I guess you could say I got the "more" I was asking for.

I have mixed feelings about this. One part of me loves what he has presented to me and you could imagine inside I was like an excited puppy, jumping up and down. The other part of me....... Doesn't know what to think of the title "Slave".

So that's where we are now. He has assured me he is serious about being my Master and all that entails. I'm not sure where this will take us. We are still working on our contract as there are things I want to add and change. If I'm brave enough, I will post it here when its final and signed by both of us.

Any advice for either of us would be appreciated as this is a big step for both of us. You can leave it in the comments or email at

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