Friday, November 22, 2013

The wine rack bra

A bizarre bra has just gone on sale which is designed to help women hold an entire bottle of wine in their underware during a night out. The wine rack bra looks just like a normal sports bra, but actually hold up to 750ml (an entire bottle of wine) in the cups.

This was too good not to share. 

Ladies, what do you think? Useful or not?


  1. To someone who is always on the lookout for a better way to sneak booze into college football games... Yes it does hold quite an appeal. Right now I put airplane bottles inside maxi pad packages and go through the bag check to a young guy. They never touch em! But for wine? No, can't imagine body temp wine being very tasty. And no I'm not a lush lol. Just for football.

  2. Ew!! I agree about the body temperature part, and plus I can't imagine the material for the wine storage is made of high-quality material. Plastic/rubber tasting wine, ew!

    But thanks for a laugh. :)

  3. Sadly, the weirdest part for me would be drinking wine out of a straw. lol


  4. I love wine ... but not enough to do that! *shudder*

  5. "Honey, is it the wine, or are your boobs shrinking?"

    Then again, if you filled the bra with beer, maybe you could increase your bust size by simply jumping up and down.

    The possibilities are endless...


    1. Lol..loved this comment!

  6. I think I'd rather spend $12 on a cocktail than drink wine out of my bra, but I love Chickadee's idea of sneaking into football games.

  7. I've seen this before..honestly, want it for concerts. lol

  8. Oh lol just as a matter of curiosity, where do you hang the tube when you're not drinking?? And wouldn't the liquid slush from side to side like on your tits?? Ok my mind is full of questions with this ;)

    Maybe you could use it for winter and put mulled wine in, keeps your tits warm and tastes good warm haha

    Ok ok I'm going haha thanks for the laugh Bonnie x

  9. Lol at Missy and mulled wine. I can just imagine my husband telling me 'get THAT bra on, it's time to warm a bottle of red'.... he usually sticks it on the radiator.

  10. LoL, similar to Bonnie's comment ... I wonder if anyone would notice you 'deflating' during the evening? LoL

    Love Missy's comment re the mulled wine


  11. Well that is quite an invention. I don't think it's something I could ever go for but I imagine for some it could be quite useful! Thanks for the laugh! :)


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