Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All tied up Part 2


I'm blindfolded and with hands and feet bound.

I feel him untie my hands as I'm pulled so my head is hanging down off the bed. I open my mouth and lick his cock. I can taste myself, salty and sweet. Mmmmmm. He forces his cock down my throat and holds it there as I fight the urge to gag. He withdraws, I take a deep breath and swallow a mouth full of saliva. He repeats this over and over. He thrusts all the way in and his balls are resting on my nose. He loves this position and he's doing everything he can to hold back his own ograsm.

He tells me to reach down and hold the chain that connects the clamps attached to each pussy lip. I take hold of the chain while he fucks my mouth in a slow easy manner. With each thrust I hear the chain rattle. The sound seems to echo through the room.

He withdraws and I'm left waiting and wondering......... Then I feel the flogger
 It lands on my stomach, my breasts, my thighs, my pussy. Over and over again. He uses what I would call medium strength blows. The kind that sting just right. Making my skin heat and sing that heavenly melody.

He stops, its quiet.

Pain shoots through my lips, then my nipples as he moves the clamps where he wants them.  I concentrate on keeping my hands above my head so I don't reach down and pull them off.

My breath is loud in my ears, I'm panting really fast.

I hear a cap being opened. He places a very cold finger to my bum and circles it round and round slowly. My hips begin to grind with a mind if their own. Taking his hand away he replaces it with a dildo. Ever  so slowly he pushes the slick dildo right up my ass. He fucks me with it and rubs my clit gently.

I feel an orgasm building, building.......  Crash!

Wave after wave of pleasure rolls through me as he pulls yet another  orgasm from me.

Suddenly he on top of me pushing his cock into my eager pussy. With the dildo still lodged in my ass he fucks me hard. A punishing rhythm is set as he seeks his turn now. Our hips crashing together with every thrust he finds his release quickly.

He collapses on top of me for a moment while we catch our breath.

He unties each ankle and removes the clamps and dildo.

Ahhhh. Sweet release. I curl into a ball as he removes the blindfold.

I blink up at him and we smile at each other.

"Welcome back." He says and kisses me tenderly.

Oh how I love this man!


  1. Wow. A hot sexy post. You certainly had a great time :-)

  2. Deffinintely worth the wait for the second part :)

    1. The second part was the best part...... For me. Lol


  3. Wow! Very nice ... and super hot! I'm with Missy, definitely worth the wait for part 2. Glad you didn't make us wait too long :)


    1. Thanks Roz. It was a night I wouldn't mind repeating!


  4. Nice! I added you to the 'Should but don't list' at CWS too.


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