Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random things

I saw this on Sarah's blog (Clear as Mud) and thought it might be fun.

So here's some random things about me.....

1. I have 3 dogs. 2 boxers and a Lil mutt
2.  My kids think I'm silly and they know me better than anyone
3.  I lived in Hawaii as a kid but I don't remember any of it
4.  I love to read
5.  I got my first gray hair at age 22. Coincidentally, my youngest daughter was born that year
6.  I was addicted to drugs for about 4 years
7. I've never had my heart broken
8.  I love country and pop music
9. My favorite song right now is Just Give Me a reason by Pink
10. I'm 5'4"
11. I have medium length, light brown hair
12. My eyes are hazel
13. I'm ocd
14.  I drive Tahoe that I named Sally
15. I've been screwed over by girlfriends in the past so I'm very careful who I let in my circle
16. I don't have a bitch bone in my body
17. Family is the most important thing to me
18. My parents are the best
19. I hate shopping
20. My favorite drink is sweet iced tea
21. My favorite alcoholic drinks are royal fuck and vodka cranberry
22. I don't eat sweets
23. I love to laugh
24. My favorite shows are Friends, I love Lucy and How I Met Your Mother
24.  I'm a hopeless romantic
25. My favorite movie is The Notebook
26. I have 4 tattoos
27. This list is harder than I thought
28. I'm very loyal to those I love
29. Everyone loves me because I'm awesome.
30.  I'm most comfortable in jeans and boots
31. I tell all my daughters that they're my favorite
32. I like to sleep in late
33. I've been married for 13 years
34. I had twins all natural. No drugs
35. I have a very high pain tolerance
36. I've never been in a physical fight
37.  I'm kind of a pervert
38.  I love rough sex
39.  I've had the same best friend since 9th grade
40.  I love to sing but only in the car and shower
42. I just skipped 41
43. I hate lettuce but wish I liked it
44. My biggest fear is someone hurting my daughters
45. I'm also really scared of snakes
46. I'm rather adventurous
47. My toes are always painted a pretty color
48. I love to watch football
49. My favorite tattoo says Hakuna Matata
50. I feel the need to clean even if its not mine
51. I like to watch porn
52. I don't care much for the name Bonnie. I don't think it suits me
53. Don't touch my belly button!
54. I love blogging
55. Clyde is my soulmate
56. I rarely go barefoot, even at home
57.  Someday I hope to write a book
58. I'm very hard on myself
59. I love to look around antique stores but have never bought any
60. I'm just a country girl who loves to love
61. I'm queen of procrastination
62. My childhood nickname was "Pooter"
63. I don't like to cook
64. I love to kayak.
65. I used to belong to the IBTC. If you don't know, you were never a member lol

I could come up with a lot more but I'm sure you're bored of this so I'll stop there.


  1. Oh I loved this

    Ok never had your heart broken you lucky gal :) join the clubs with natural twins, I think I mentioned before, there are a couple of us with twins about here :) please do come round here, you can clean to your hearts content lol

    I just love to read about blog land friends, thanks for sharing, btw I like to watch a bit of porn and I beat you on the grey hairs, got my first one with 17 :(

    Hugs x

    1. Your offer is very tempting Missy. I just love to walk into a messy room and see how nice it looks when I'm done. Very satisfying.

      17? Wow. You win!


  2. I enjoyed reading this Bonnie, thanks for sharing. It was great getting to know a bit more above you.

    Love your answers. I am also ocd and hate my belly button being touched too .. and my toes LoL


    1. Wow that's two of us with belly button issues. I've never known another.


  3. I've been screwed over by girlfriends too. It's one reason I have so many walls, and appear very abrupt.

    Toes. Same here. Wish the budget allowed bi-monthly pedicures, instead of bi-yearly.

    1. Why do women have to be so catty? Glad its not like that here.

      I do my pedis myself. I have a thing about my feet. Lol

  4. Wow, you pulled that from the archives!
    It's harder than it looks, but I'm so glad you did it. I love 29. :)

    1. Oh yes Sarah, on a sleepless night in blogland I went back to your beginnings.

      #29, guess I don't have confidence issues huh. Lol


  5. It was fun reading your responses, Bonnie. I also found my first gray at 22 (gah!) oh and I'm 5'4 as well and love silly :) What color are your toenails right now? Mine are peach daiquiri (so the label says...) I love fun colors, too!

    1. Thanks Riley, this was fun to write. Stupid gray hairs. I've been dying my hair ever since. I feel I'm just to young to have this much gray.

      My toes are painted loud pink with white crackle. I've been doing the white crackle with different colors all summer. I love it!

  6. This was so much fun to read! I love finding out about blog friends. :)

    Just Give Me A Reason is a great song, and it'll now be stuck in my head for most of the day!

    I've always wanted a tattoo that says hakuna matata, SO cute! :)

    1. It was fun to write Kenzie! You should give it a try. Its a fun way to get to know more about our friends here.

      I just love that song and now it will stuck in my head as well.

      You should so get the tattoo! Do you have any now?


  7. So we have like a TON in common :) You sound like an awesome person - your daughters are blessed to have such a fun mama.

    1. Thanks Ashley. That's one of the best compliments a mama can receive. :)


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