Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do you believe in signs?

I do.

Two years ago we were at the beach with our daughters when rocks started washing up at our feet with inspirational words written on them.  We collected about 6 rocks that day. I put them in my red mesh bag that I always use for the beach.

Yesterday as I was packing our bag for the beach, you know towels, sunscreen, toys etc. One of the twins asked for a hair brush that I had packed. I dug down to the bottom and felt one of those rocks. I picked it out and turned it to face me.

It had the word "submissive" written on it.

Now this one word meant a whole lot more to me today than it did 2years ago. I was dumbfounded and sat on the bed  thinking about what this meant.

Now I'm not a religious person. Nothing wrong with it but its just not how I was raised. But holding this rock felt like some higher power telling me I'm on the right path. Validation. I mean it was the only rock still there from the 6 we collected.

This trip to our favorite beach town has been wonderful. We have had some great family bonding moments with our girls and I have taken so many pics I would love to share with y'all.

Tomorrow is a celebration day here in the US. Usually filled with food ,family, lots of alcohol and fireworks. My family and I will be spending the day on the beach followed by a parade and fireworks. I can't wait!

I hope that y'all stay safe and party responsibly.

There's some idiots out there. Lol


  1. Hey Bonnir :)

    I'm not religious either, you wouldn't tell though, with the school I went to lol but I also believe in signs, little ones that throw us of guard :)

    Happy Fourth of July honey, hope you enjoy your time with friends and family :)

    1. Hey Missy, good to hear from you!

      Who knew something so little could be something so big?

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Wow! That is both freaky and amazing. I would have been dumbfounded too.

    Glad you are having a lovely family time away at the beach. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the celebrations.


    1. I've always believed everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you have to look for the signs along the way to stay on the path meant for you.

      Idk maybe I'm crazy but its worked for me this long. Lol

  3. Yes freaky - I wonder who wrote on the stones in the first place?!
    I'm not superstitious, but there is much that happens around us which will never be logically explained!

    1. I have wondered that myself.

      Your right. Sometimes you just have to pay attention.

  4. Whoa! That's a little spooky in the coolest way possible:)

  5. Don't have to be too religious to see the signs, sometimes :) What a cool one! Enjoy the holiday!!

  6. I have believed in Signs all my life :-) I find your story totally normal!!


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