Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lets talk spanking implements

Shall we?

Clyde and I are not very experienced with many different implements. We have a small arsenal of tools that have their purposes. Of course there are always those random moments he thinks I need a spanking and he will pick up ordinary objects and use them in an extraordinary way.

For starters, theres his hand. This is my favorite. It feels so erotic to be put across his knee, held down and spanked. I love the feel of skin on skin. It turns me on more than any thing else.  MMMMMMMMM.... Just thinking about effects me. But because he feels the burn too this does not last as long as I would like :(

 We have a leather paddle that I like. I ordered it on the internet from (if you haven't checked out their site I highly recommend it. Lots of good stuff for us kinky folks.)  When used correctly it leaves a "slut" impression on my bottom and I like to think of myself as his slut ;) It's not very big but oh so effective.

We also have a suede flogger that we use more for play. I love it when he uses the flogger on my back while he towers above me and I give him a nice slow blowjob. We use this implement for play because it very soft and not painful at all just a little stingy if swung hard enough.

Then theres the wand. (See my post about quiet spanking implements for a pic of this) We only use this when the kids are home and we have to be discreet. This packs quite the wallop and leaves marks.

Sometimes we use the belt. I am not fond of the belt. The belt is only used for "punishment. " I say it like that because well I don't feel that its ever severe enough to be considered punishment. I have a high pain tolerence and he will give me 10 licks with the belt at most. I guess I should be pretty happy about that. I mean it is like laying strips of fire across my ass.

Also theres those moments when things progress quickly and he will pick up whatever is handy to light my world.

Once he used a remote control. It was just ok for me, a little stingy and not very effective.  That was totally unexpected and pretty funny. I will never look at a remote the same way.

Another time he used a pig whip. (Long story as to where that came from.) The whip hurt like the dickens.  After two swings I came up ready to fight.  Mysteriously it disappeared shortly afterward. Muah ha ha

So there you have it. That's our short list.

I would love to expand our tool kit and with time I'm sure we will. I'm really interested in wooden implements and can't go to the store without sinister thoughts about what objects I can use for spanking.

What are your favorite implements that maybe I haven't tried yet?


  1. Lol, I love when he uses his hand too, but like you said, it doesn't usually last very long. The leather paddle sounds very fun though. :)

    We have a wooden paddle that is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE, did I mention horrible?! Very effective for punishment, lol. Also have a strap, that is even more intense than any belt i've felt.

    1. Oh that wooden paddle sounds horrible. Maybe I shouldn't rush out and buy one. Lol

  2. Using a remote to spank you? isn't that kind of dangerous--for the remote, I mean? In our house that would be considered sacrilege.:)

    We have some wooden spatulas that came from a kitchen supply store. They are made of hardwood and intended to be used for cooking, and they sting like the dickens!


    1. I assure you the remote is just fine. Lol I grin to myself when I see it being used.

      Wooden spatula sounds worth a try.

  3. We introduced implements because his hand got sore (bless) and I would recommended a flogger, though I chickened out at the idea of wooden flat things - our paddle is leather. Hand is still my favourite.

    1. Oh the sore hand. If only men could take as much as us.

      I actually went out today and bought some wooden spoons and spatulas. Can't wait to try them out.

  4. It's the random things that make me giggle. Walking through the store and I see a spatula. Oddly, I don't think of baking. Or the other day my daughter announced she needed a new brush. We were in the hair accessory isle so she handed me one. I immediately slapped against my hand without even thinking. My daughter looked up at me confused, "what are you doing?"
    "Oh nothing. This one's good. Lets go." I said.

    1. Lol Sarah. Sounds familiar. I'm guilty of doing that same thing. We spankos see things a little differently than everyone else.

  5. To me, leather is preferable to me but there are times that I crave the wood. Just stay away from lexan. It's deadly.

    1. I like leather too but something about wood just calls to me.

  6. I'm a bit late, but - I used to HATE HATE wood back when my husband first started - we have a spoon and we have a gorgeous paddle from Blondie's shop.

    But eventually, my man learned to apply it just so and then it was deeeelicious.

    I still prefer my nylon floggers :)

    1. We are just starting to experiment with wood. Maybe your man could give my man some tips. lol

      Nylon flogger? Sounds fantastic. I must try that one. I love our flogger but its to soft.

  7. (1) Round leather paddle - ok as a step between hairbrush and wooden paddle
    (2) Wooden paddle ($15?) - probably the best as it can be soft or severe
    (3) Short rattan cane - not much whipping action so not a typical cane; it is ok, but we don't use it much
    (4) Wooden bath brush - just bought one at a discounter; would be severe if he knew I had it - hidden so far
    (5) Flat Cajun Roux Stirrer - haven't tried it yet

    1. Wow Jenny great answer!

      I have heard the cane is brutal. I'm a little scared of that one. Maybe we will work up to it.

      Flat Cajun roux stirrer? Not sure what that is but sounds interesting. I'm imagining like a paint stirrer. May have to Google that one. Lol

  8. Let me see. We're into "pervertibles" or instruments of a homely, "old-style family" spanking kind. So:
    * Hand. Most of the time.
    * Slipper (several kind, including espadrilles)
    * Martinet (a French kind of flogger than, some 40 years ago, was commonly used to chastise children)
    * Cutting board (a substitute for a paddle)
    * Ping-pong paddle
    * Hairbrush
    * Flyswatter

    We have occasionally used other instruments, e.g. wooden spoon, but generally we like instruments that hit over a rather large surface, so as to avoid bruises and welts.

    To those who are worried about wooden instruments: we play it safe by using them (most of the time) over-the-knee, where the instrument has limited distance to pick up speed. For "school-like" paddlings (bent over furniture), we use a paddle-like instrument with large surface. We don't use anything like riding crops, canes and so on.

    We could buy a leather paddle, but we don't like the "black S&M" atmosphere of spanking instruments sold in sex shops. We don't use the belt because... I don't know, but it seems more aggressive.

    The good thing about pervertibles is that they are not immediately obvious as spanking implements. For instance, for spanking during travel, one can pack a pair of slippers, this seems totally natural. (Though one could wonder why a couple who does not own a ping-pong table should keep ONE ping-pong paddle in their BEDROOM, etc.)

    @Sarah: Sometimes, when I visit people, I cannot help having weird thoughts if I see one of these large, flat-backed wooden hairbrushes...

  9. I have always believed in caning a naughty female' bare bottom. This spanking implement can readily be used for maintenance spankings. Especially on the bare bottom. Wearing a garter-belt and stockings, help direct this implement to the right spot on her naked rear end.

  10. Bonnie, I get spanked fairly often and the implement my mistress uses the most on my bare ass is a wooden bathbrush. It leaves me sore and bruised for days. Even though I have been spanked with several implements, I think the bath brush is the worst. John57


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