Sunday, June 2, 2013

Caught wet handed

So no punishment for Bonnie yet.
I must admit I have been even more naughty since my last post. Probably most embarrassing is that Clyde caught me masturbating.
Its Saturday afternoon and the house is quiet. Kids are playing outside in the yard. Clyde is in the garage working on his motorcycle.... I'm bored. Seems like a perfect time to sneak in the bedroom and play with Roger. (my rabbit vibe... Roger Rabbit.) So I lay on the bed, grab my phone and go to my favorite porn site. I found a clip I thought would work for me and got started. I had only been at it about 3 mins. It was just getting good.
Then, I hear the doorknob jiggle.
Shit, Clyde....
I quickly took the vibe out and hid it under the pillow. Hit the lock button on my phone so the screen shut off. I sat straight up and ran a hand through my hair. About that time Clyde got that door open and was looking right at me. I put on my best poker face but he saw right through me.
"What are you doing?"
Me smiling shyly... "Oh nothing."
He's looking around trying to decide what I had been up to...
As luck would have it, my phone decided to start playing the video I was watching and the woman let out a loud moan.
Clyde narrows his eyes at me and rips the blanket back.
I'm naked from the waist down.
He give a little laugh and says, "Well don't let me stop you."
He reaches under the pillow and puts Roger in my hand and urges it south.
And he dives right in tongue first. He licked my clit  while I moved the vibe and it was a very intense orgasm.
Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I didn't know how he was going to react but it couldn't have gone better.
This got me to thinking... Do I masturbate more than the average 30 year old?
I do get myself off more often than I want to admit. I'll just say that AA batteries are like gold in my house. ;)
If you're brave enough I would like to know...How often do you service yourself?


  1. Aww I'm glad his reaction was a good one! I know that Cael thinks it's hot for a woman to masturbate so I was going to say -- wouldn't be surprised if Clyde liked it. To answer your question, it's something I've tried and never had success with. However, Cael would love for me to so I wish I were better. Either way though I don't think it matters if you do it more or less than average, it's just whatever makes you happy!

  2. Great answer Riley. I would have to say it does make me happy and I'm glad his reaction was a good one too. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. ;)

  3. Haha, cute post Bonnie! I love that your hubby wanted to join you - lucky girl! Not sure if mine would, but that would be fun! ;)

    1. Thanks Cali.
      I guess you never know till it happens to you.

  4. Very cute! And embarrassing, but mostly just really cute. lol!

    1. A little embarrassing but oh so much fun! ;)

  5. How often I do it depends on how often we're having sex! If we're having sex daily then I'm usually fine, but if we're not, or if the sex we're having is blow job and off to work, then I will attempt to service myself 2x a day or so. Usually pretty badly unless I have plenty of uninterrupted time to weave a nice lengthy fantasy. :)

    1. Wow 2x a day. Nice. That's about my usual number on top of having daily sex. lol Thanks for answering.

  6. Oh my, lol well i'm so glad his reaction was what it was, and it turned out to be even better for you. :)

  7. Well, I'm not female and I'm not in my 30s, but pretty much daily.

    Do you masturbate more than the average 30 year old?

    I don't know. How often do you do it?

  8. Our couple is a kind of "mutual domestic discipline" relationship (I spank her, she spanks me, for both fun and discipline).

    We have nothing against self-masturbation per se, but 1) it should not be over extramarital fantasies 2) it should not impair marital sexual relationships, which take priority. Point 1) means no fantasies about having sex with third parties, point 2) means that we generally abstain from self-masturbation while we're together; this is especially relevant to me since, as a male, I need to recharge batteries after ejaculation being ready again. We feel it's somewhat selfish and contrary to marital intimacy to do it alone and then be unavailable.

    So to summarize, my wife expects me that, if I feel an urge and she's at home, I should let her know and she'll deal with it, or (in rare cases) tell me to deal with it myself (intercourse or hand/blowjob).

    When either or us is away, e.g. on a business trip, such restrictions don't apply. She's not too much into vibrators, and prefers to use her fingers (for the clit) and a dildo ("marital substitute"). We have at some point considered buying me some kind of vagina substitute, but so far it's the hand for me.

    Since frequencies were noted above: we tend to have vanilla intercourse evening and morning, though of course it depends on many factors.

  9. LOL I'm forever getting batteries. and running out of them. My vibe is an essential item in this house. and BIKSS know about my inability to orgasm any other way. so when we have sex, I'll sometimes ask for my vibe so i can have a cum.

    but since he doesn't live with me, masturbating is on the table all the time. i will tell him when i do, sometimes before, sometimes after. and he has asked me to go and jill off for his (and my) pleasure on occasion. I'd say I go at it anywhere from zero to 10 times a week. depending on what i've been reading, watching, thinking about.

    :) i'm 40. btw.

    1. Haha I finally got smart and bought rechargeable ones. It sucks when your ready and come to find out the batteries are dead. Total buzz kill. Literally.

      "Jill off" lol love it. That's a new one. I still think I have more solo sessions than most. But to have more makes me want more. Like they say, If you don't use it, you lose it.



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