Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Blessings

We have a very blessed life. I'm so grateful for all the good things that have been happening in my life. I started a new job that I am certain will bring bigger and better things for us. My children are all healthy and thriving. Also Clyde and I have stopped smoking. That's right. One whole month without a cigarette. Thank you. Thank you. We are just in a really good place in our life and our relationship.

 This weekend has been wonderful. Saturday we spent the day at the park with Clydes family. The weather was great. There was good food and lots of laughs. We took some great pictures and the kids had a blast playing with their cousins. When the party ended we took our daughters to spend the night at grandma and grandpas. With the house to ourselves I received one hell of a spanking and some awesome sex followed.

Sunday morning I woke up to Clyde pushing his hand between my legs eager to play again. I tried to push him away. "No, let me sleep."  He was persistent though. Pretty soon I was glad he didn't listen to me. As I dosed off in the afterglow of our love making, Clyde brought me breakfast in bed. So far a great start to the day. I certainly had a big smile on my face. Since it was another beautiful day we decided to go for a ride on his motorcycle. I love riding with him.  My legs and arms wrapped around him holding on tight. Being so close to him its like we are in our own little bubble.

Right outside the small town we live in, its nothing but farm land and back roads for miles and miles. Perfect for cruising.  As we would come to a four-way stop Clyde would lean towards me and say "Which way do you want to go ?"  I would just point and off we go. We visited some new places and went through some towns we had never even heard of. As we made a slow right turn we saw a beautiful 30 acre property for sale. Tree lined and horses grazing, it looked like heaven.  Clyde leans to me and says
  "Look at that."
"Wow. I love all the trees."
"Hey and look theres a creek running through it."
"Yeah and look at that old barn that be a good workshop for you. "
"Maybe we should buy it."
"You never know we could be millionaires."

(We bought lottery tickets for the Saturday drawing that we still haven't checked the numbers for. Wish us luck. ) As we laughed and drove away, I thought how fun it was to daydream about owning a place like that someday. A little ways down the road we stopped to stretch our legs and I snapped this pic of our view.


I will finish this wonderful weekend by doing the mundane tasks that all moms do. Grocery shopping, laundry, and making sure the kids have everything ready for their school day on Monday. With my batteries recharged I'm ready to face another week of the daily grind.

I hope you're weekend was as enjoyable as mine.


  1. Sounds like a nice week-end! :-) Congratulations on quitting smoking!
    Ahh laundry...always laundry... :-)

  2. Ahhh, having the house to yourselves! How wonderful! Glad you made the most of it! ;)

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend!! :) And that's wonderful you've quit smoking, congratulations on that!


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