Friday, May 17, 2013

Quiet Spanking implements

What is it about spanking that makes me so emotional?  I used to get through the days without needing spanking or spinning out of control. I've realized I need his dominance. When I don't feel it for even a couple of days my mind starts to wander. I begin to have doubts.  My head fills with so much nonsense. I become distant and cranky. In the beginning  Clyde (and myself) didn't know what to make of this. I didn't even know how to explain the way I was feeling.  I just knew that I had so much emotion inside of me.  It was only then I understood what "maintenance"  was about. Clyde has gotten pretty good at recognizing the sings and giving me what I need.

I had grown quite used to receiving spankings every few days or so. We both enjoy it and it often leads to more pleasurable things. We always waited for our children to be in bed or at least occupied with something on the other side of the house.  I thought we had been pretty careful until one day I stepped out of my room after a spanking and came face to face with my daughter. "What was that noise?" she says.  "It sounded like Daddy was hitting you with something." I panicked and didn't know how to respond.  You can imagine my horror. I told her not to worry, Daddy was just moving some stuff around. I know. Not very believable.  Well that night Clyde and I had a long talk about this and decided no more spankings when the kids are home. The last thing I would want is my daughters thinking their daddy beats me. I figured as long as she never heard it again it wouldn't be an issue and she'd forget. So far, this seems to be true. She has not asked about it since. 

The problem with this is I can only get my spankings on the weekends when the kids visit with grandma and grandpa. You see, this is not enough for us.  I have come to rely on spanking as a way of release.  Clyde couldn't wrap his head around that until I told him one day to think of it like a lemon. It's got all that juice trapped inside and you have to twist and squeeze and hurt the lemon for all that juicy goodness to come out. The outcome is undeniable.  Clyde has noticed the difference in my mood afterward. I feel so much lighter after a good paddling.  I started thinking there has got to be a quieter way to do this.  I did some research for quiet spanking implements. Clint and Chelsea at Learning DD had some great suggestions for this.

 1.) Spatula with holes                                   
 2.) Wooden Spoon
 3.) A Switch

4.) Tilt wand for window blinds

5.) Loopy Johnny

6.) Cane

My personal favorite is the tilt wand.  As I type it sits atop our dresser like a forgotten part. Only we know better.



  1. I may have to save this post as we have children too who tend to notice things...I just wrote some stories of my daughter last week... :-) something quiet might be useful as our kids are 7 and 9 and they are always in the house :-)

  2. I can totally relate! We have 3 teenagers - who don't let anyone get away with ANYTHING - and a very small home. They are up later than we are and our one & only daughter has the room right next to ours.

    We are very careful to be discreet when in the bedroom and adding spanking to our lives has definitely been a challenge!

    Although we both prefer him to use his hand, we've had no choice but to find quiet implements. (and to take advantage of the mornings, when teenagers are "dead to the world" lol!)

    We've tried the wooden spoon and the tilt wand - both were stingy, but the tilt wand was the quietest. I've read that the loopy johnny is very quiet, but very lethal, lol!

    Good luck in your quest! And in keeping one step ahead of your kids! :)

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm also Bonnie, also a spanko, and also a blogger.

    Clint and Chelsea know of what they speak. This looks like a pretty good list, though I will warn you that these implements can be very ouchy. The biggest danger of noise may not be the impact, but the spankee's reaction!

    One more trick we've learned is that wearing a pair of thin cotton panties will sometimes muffle the impact compared with a strike against bare skin. It also helps to protect against unwanted skin breaks that occasionally happen when using thin, whippy implements.

    Best wishes to you, your husband, and your new blog.

    (another) Bonnie

  4. Terpsichore- Kids always know more than we think. It is tricky if the their always home. Mom and Dad need their time too ;)

    Cali Mom- Spanking is very challenging when you have teenagers they just know to much. We haven't been brave enough to try the loopy johnny or a cane yet. Maybe with time.

    Bonnie- Cheers to great minds thinking alike my friend. It's true, these toys are pretty painful, but just a couple swats with the wand and I'm right back in my place.

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    Welcome to the neighbourhood! Those implements are all really stingy, and although I haven't tried them all, I can vouch for their effectiveness.


    1. Hi Hermione. Yes, very stingy and also very bruisey. Or maybe I just bruise easily. With children in the house it was time to get creative. Glad you found me.

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  6. Ah, should have read this before going on holiday, paper thin hotel walls and kids, bad combination!

    1. Lol DF. These definitely have come in handy for those exact reasons. At least you will know for next time.

  7. I am very familiar with must of these implements We like the switch best for keeping things quiet.

  8. Here is a little information about this birch bundle made from very thin ends of twigs. If you use this bundle you’ve got a form of correction which gives an intense pain but it nevertheless leaves no marks that don’t disappear in about one day.You don’t have to use much force here—it isn’t neccesary, the pain builds up slowly and you can keep up the good work for half an hour for a lasting impression in your wife’s mind. This isn’t cruel at all compared to using a cane which you can use only a very short time and therefore that doesn’t cause the lasting memory effect you want to achieve.
    Have in mind that this birch branch bundle dries very quickly. You can easely soften it by putting it into a big cheramic bowl or anything with hot water. It then becomes as good as new and fresh. I think that these implements that are mentioned here very often are too harsh ond nearly cruel! With this natural, silent and free tool one makes the dear wife’s behind get this necesserary, intense pain without bruises and scars.
    I strongly recommend a bundle of about ten, very thin branches from a birch tree, for example! A proper length can be about one foot two.It should look like this, perhaps whith even thinner ends of the twigs:

    No noise at all, (at least from the tool), and very effective but still harmless.
    You can normally start up with 20 to 30 slaps with open hand and then use this bundle! If you want to be very silent you of course use this method immediately,
    It is a very mild form of spanking at the beginning but after about 150 lashes it makes a sharp, stinging feeling that can not be ignored.Then you pause for a minute or two and then continue. All of this can and should be done several times but of course it is up to yourselves. Do not forget, during a maintenance spanking, to communicate with caresses and hugs. We love our wives, don’t we!

  9. I was just looking for a quiet spanker. I think I have settled on the spatula with holes. I just compared it with the paddle and it is much quieter which is useful for when we are on holiday. I don't like canes and whippy things. Sound too cruel. I only get a love spanking from my wife not a discipline thing.

  10. Omg i swear we are the same people, as I read this everything you said is exactly how it is here. We don't get spanking time until the weekendsame because our daughter at at my parents and my husband keeps our spatuala on top of our dresser lol
    Not to mention it was nice reading someone felt the same things as I do when it comes to maintenance, that release is so needed and more than on the weekend.
    Thank you for writing this post :)

  11. My husband makes me turn up the music when he punishes me. He uses a heavy switch and I just bury my face in the comforter to muffle my crying. The kids are none the wiser and we have a small house with thin walls.


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