Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We have been at ttwd for about 6 months now.

 I started by dropping little hints about a spanking and about trying new things to spice up our sex life. He never turned me down or acted like I was weird which I am thankful for. I don't think he really ever thought about seriously spanking me before I brought it up. Of course there have always been a well placed playful swat from time to time but the first time I  actually laid across the bed and took a spanking from him I knew we had breathed new life into our sex. It turned both of us on so much that what ensued was some of the best sex of my life. Since then it has been a constant part of our relationship.

I gave up complete control to Clyde. I became more submissive than ever before. It changed me in ways I cannot even describe. It has done wonders for our relationship. We have always had a great relationship that people around us have admired but ttwd had added a whole new dynamic.

Clyde has certainly found his groove. He enjoys the spanking as much as I do. We have also opened the door to new sexual experiences and lots of communication about what we like. We have a "toy box" that we are always looking forward to adding to. I have noticed differences in Clyde too.

He and I will hear something on tv or while out and give eachother that knowing glance. You know those things that spankos pickup on but the rest of the vanilla world wouldn't give a second thought about. I have also seen Clyde pick up ordinary objects at the store swat them on his hand and smile. It warms me to know that he is as into this as I am. We are travelling this road together.

I have also brought up the idea of DD.  He seemed a little skeptical at first. I have been paitent with him and let that sink in without much mention of it from me. I thought he had forgoten about  it until I started getting playful threats.  I have yet to receive a punishment and we haven't set any rules.

 I know that Clyde is growing more used to his role. He makes little comments in my ear about how he is the boss and gives me that devilish smile.  All this being said I think he lacks the confidence in deciding what would result in a punishment. I have done some things this past week that, if I were in charge, would need to be addressed.

Reasons why I should be punished:

1.)  I didn't wash your work uniforms..... Even when  you gave me all weekend and you had to stay up late on Sunday evening to wash them.
2.)  I didn't get that thing you asked me to pick up.....  Not only did I tell you I would, but I had no intention of asking my sister to  stop while we were out.
3.)  I tried to control your orgasm....... I was in the moment and didn't want it to end. Ladies I'm sure you can relate. lol
4.)  I tried to tell you how to spank me...... "owww  not so hard."  "Quit hitting the same spot."
5.)  I broke the #1 rule you gave me about this blog..... It wasn't intentional and won't happen again.

Maybe giving him this list will give him the clarity to see that he has power to hold me accountable. I do not wish for a punishment but believe maybe I deserve one.

Of course it is up to him how my actions are handled.



  1. This totally makes me smile. How fun for you to see Clyde play with different items to see if they would be good spanking implements! And you've just gotta love those secret looks and devilish smiles!

    But now you've got me curious.....what's the #1 rule about your blog that you broke? ;)

    And from all that I've read around here, punishment spankings seem to be the hardest for hubbys to wrap their heads around. But they also say that eventually their hubbys "master" it, so........

    :) Cali

    1. It is so much fun to have inside jokes that are just between us. The secret looks are the best.

      Lol Cali. I'd tell you..... but not here.

      I'll be sure to keep y'all posted as to what comes of this.

  2. Looks secret looks that only the two of you know about are the besy arent they? :) Seems like you guys are certainly on the right track..good for you for being accountable with that stuff.

    1. Maybe this wasn't exactly a subtle push in the direction I want him to go but I do think we are on the right track and ready for this.

  3. Hey Bonnie

    You've got the right idea honey, you're having fun and letting things develope naturally. This is what it's all about.

    Those secret little looks and the box of toys are the best haha

    1. Validation. Yes. Lol

      Thanks Missy, we are having a lot of fun.


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